Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?

Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?

A Dayton, OH criminal law attorney can defend you

Charges of domestic violence can affect a person's life. You need a strong defense to help clear your name. Depend on K.S. Miller Law Office, LLC for help.

Attorney Miller has been practicing criminal law for many years and has helped countless clients throughout the Dayton, OH region. With her on your side, you could fight the charges and possibly have them dismissed. 

Contact attorney Miller now to begin working on your case. She also represents victims of domestic violence in family law cases-if you need help getting a restraining order against an abuser, get in touch with her today.

Learn about our defense process

Criminal law is a wide area of the law, and every case needs special attention. When you hire attorney Miller, she'll:

  • Discuss your situation with you at her Dayton, OH office
  • Craft a defense that fits your specific circumstances
  • Coach you through how to handle the trial
  • Stand by your side throughout the proceedings

Don't take domestic violence charges lightly. Reach out today to talk about your situation with a domestic violence attorney.

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