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Fight for Your Rights as a Parent

Attorney Miller can help you fight for child custody in Dayton, OH

Raising your kids is a top priority in your life. Even if your marriage has ended, you deserve to be a part of your child's life. Work with K.S. Miller Law Office, LLC to fight for child custody.

Attorney Miller has helped countless families come to custody and visitation agreements. She can assist you with your family law issues and find solutions that work for you and your kids.

Team up with a knowledgeable attorney in Dayton, OH when you need to fight for custody. Email today to get started.

Areas of child custody law

Attorney Miller can help you handle any situation regarding child custody. She has experience:

  • Setting up child support agreements
  • Determining visitation rights
  • Fighting for sole or shared custody

No matter your family law needs, trust attorney Miller to guide you through the legal process. Talk to us today to discuss your situation.

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