Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Dayton, OH

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Dayton, OH

When your debts get out of hand, bankruptcy can provide relief.

There's no doubt that declaring bankruptcy should be a solution of last resort for anyone in financial difficulty. That being said, it can be an effective means of resolving your debt issues and creating a solid footing from which to begin rebuilding your personal or business financial identity. When bankruptcy serves the best interests of your specific situation, the K.S. Miller Law Office can help you with everything you need to file successfully and without complication.

Fairborn, OH, attorney Karen S. Miller has been helping people through bankruptcy proceedings for many years, and she'll take the time to consult with you personally to develop the best legal approach for your financial restructuring strategy – be it a Chapter 7 bankruptcy involving liquidation of assets and distribution to debtors; or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy allowing you to keep your property while paying out your debts over time.

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